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As an author director, I combine a passion for imagery with one for animals.
After I got my degree at l’Ecole supérieure d’infographie “Supinfocom” in 2003, I started out with a short film “7 tonnes 2” featuring a realist champion elephant jumping on a trampoline at Cube creative. The film got a good reception across the Web and in festivals enabling me to move on to direction. Working mainly at Cube, my films range from documentary (“Sea Rex” : Imax relief, “Le paresseux géant” : TV docu) to advertising (Kinder, Okay Lotus, Lipton, SuperCroix…) and theme parks ‘”Cité de la Mer “in Biarritz, “EANA” in Normandy…) and TV identification ‘France 3 summer 2013.
I released a new short “5m80” selected and awarded in many French and foreign festivals.It won a number of prizes and scored success with the Best in Show Award at Siggraph Asia.
I have complete 9 short films for the presentation of short films Oscar competition.
Starring animal actors chatting facing a camera. I continue to support the identity of France 3 (awards winning this year) and just finished a movie for the Christmas of Cartier.
I pursue research in realism in computer generated images that leads me to questioning our relationship to photo realist pictures.
I also develop a poetic graphics design close to painting and drawings with a constant approach of offering the best of fauna and flora.


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