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Loups Champs-Elysées

La plus belle ville du monde - Wolves Champs-Elysées
 Co-directed with Frédéric Fougea (himself producer), is the opening sequence of the film - the most dreamlike - the rest being an animal documentary on wild animals in Paris today. No use of CG animals here but the sequence was originally much more ambitious. It was shot to integrate a megaceros (giant deer of the past) pursued by the pack on the Champs-Elysees. Unfortunately the budget decided otherwise but the sequence already works well as it is.
The shooting was an incredible experience for me. The Champs-Elysees were blocked all night and required the deployment of 2 km of grids all around for safety. The big difficulty was to get a compact pack, the ”wolves” scattered on this great avenue. Another thing that we had to worry about was the aggressiveness of the animals.

Production : Boréales

Year : 2016