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L’extraordinaire voyage - Futuroscope (Soarin)

I wrote and directed the first European soarin for the Futuroscope. New attraction for the 30 years of the park. It is a room that pivots 90 ° and makes you find your feet in the void in front of a giant hemispherical screen. All seats move with winds, mists and odors to get closer to the sensation of flight. This project lasted a little more than a year and a half, about fifty graphic artists worked on it, a philharmonic orchestra for an original music. The experience was fabulous for me from the first sketches in the subway until the projection in a room specially made for! I’ve put here 3 extracts from sequences. The rest is to be discovered in the room. I recommend it to you !


- Digital Creation GENIE Awards : best environnement

Production : Futuroscope
Post Production : Cube Creative

Year : 2016